* MA in Emerging Media, 2025
University of Georgia

BS in Journalism, 2008
Georgia Southern University



I'm a multifaceted creative maven with a passion for bringing ideas to life across various mediums. With expertise in communications, design, web/app development, and screenwriting, I thrive on pushing boundaries and exploring the intersection of technology and storytelling. Whether crafting compelling narratives, designing immersive digital experiences, or building innovative web and app solutions, I'm dedicated to making a meaningful impact through creativity and ingenuity.


Communications Manager, 2022 - present

Georgia Southern University


  • Enhancing overall communication effectiveness within the Office of the Provost and Office of Research.
  • Contributing to the university's mission and fostering a positive and informed campus community.
  • Facilitating internal and external communications through collaboration and coordination across the institution and its campuses.
  • Managing digital communications, including web design and content.
  • Overseeing multimedia projects and social media management.
  • Proactively and responsively engaging with internal and external partners.

Content Creator, 2017 - 2022



  • Undertook a multifaceted role encompassing diverse creative and technical responsibilities.
  • Met the unique needs of clients through tailored content creation.
  • Crafted engaging and impactful content across various mediums.
  • Managed projects from conception to completion, ensuring quality and timeliness.
  • Adapted to evolving client requirements and industry trends.
  • Collaborated with several members of the film industry to create screenplays based on their visions, resulting in award-winning scripts.

Certification Project Specialist II & Quality Engineer II & Technical Writer II, 2012 - 2017

Gulfstream Aerospace

Throughout my tenure, I held various key roles within the organization, contributing significantly to the successful certification and quality assurance of aviation products and services.


  • Certification Project Specialist II: Ensured compliance with regulatory requirements and played a critical role in facilitating the successful certification of aviation products and services for the Advanced Aircraft Program.
  • Quality Engineer II: Investigated defects, determined root causes, and implemented corrective actions, thereby enhancing the overall safety and excellence of aviation products.
  • Technical Writer II: Translated complex technical information into clear and concise documentation for the certification process of Gulfstream G450, G550, and G650 models. My responsibilities also included evaluating, understanding, and interpreting data to support actionable decisions within the certification process.
  • Held roles as a Safety Management Systems investigator and Site Safety Council member, demonstrating my commitment to safety and excellence.
  • Co-editor of the corporate Continuous Improvement newsletter, receiving recognition through several corporate internal awards.

Technical Writer (Instructional Designer), 2010 - 2012

FlightSafety International


  • Developed comprehensive documentation for EASA and FAA level certification of G650 and G280 courses, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.
  • Contributed to the preparation and enhancement of educational materials for classrooms, collaborating with team members to ensure accuracy and clarity in all content.
  • Utilized instructional design principles to create engaging and effective learning experiences for participants, optimizing course materials for maximum impact.
  • Conducted regular reviews and updates of course content to reflect changes in regulations, industry standards, and best practices, ensuring relevancy and currency of materials.
  • Collaborated with subject matter experts and stakeholders to gather feedback and incorporate revisions, ensuring alignment with learning objectives and instructional goals.
  • Implemented multimedia elements and interactive features to enhance learner engagement and comprehension, leveraging technology to deliver dynamic and interactive learning experiences.


My experience as a newspaper writer and editor laid the foundation for my career trajectory, complementing my degree in Journalism with practical skills and real-world insights. As a writer, I honed my ability to craft compelling narratives, distilling complex information into clear and engaging stories that resonate with readers. Meanwhile, my time as an editor sharpened my eye for detail and taught me the importance of precision and accuracy in storytelling. These experiences instilled in me a passion for communication and a commitment to excellence, driving my pursuit of a career dedicated to informing, inspiring, and engaging audiences through the power of words.